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Are You Sure Your New Vape Coils are Clean?

There is very little in the vaping world that excites me as much as a new coil. Well, maybe with the exception of finding a new e-liquid or whenever I upgrade my vape kit to something new. The best part of my vaping experience is when I get to use a brand new coil right out of the box. I know I’ll be getting the purest and best flavor because the coil is new.

But then I got to thinking…even though these coils are brand new, are they clean?

With COVID-19 swirling around us and affecting even the smallest part of our lives, keeping things clean is a daily chore. Cleaning products like bleach, all-purpose cleaner, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc. are all wiped from the shelf, because everyone wants to take every precaution of uncleanliness. From washing your hands to wearing a mask, it seems like the whole world has become obsessed with preventing the spread of germs. If that applies to everyday life, shouldn’t that apply to a vaper’s daily life as well?

From washing your hands to wearing a mask, it seems like the whole world has become obsessed with preventing the spread of germs.

Think about it from a different mindset, before Coronavirus was a term we knew so well. When you go to the supermarket and buy new pots, pans, and silverware, what’s the first thing you do before you use them? You clean them. What’s the first thing you do when you bring home fruits and vegetables from the grocery and you want to eat them? You WASH them. Lastly, how about new clothes, new bedsheets, new blankets, and new pillowcases from home furnishing stores? YOU WASH THEM! We’ve been trained to be clean in so many areas in our daily lives because that’s how we grew up or were taught.

What about your vape coil?

Now, let’s take that same attitude of cleanliness in our home life to our vape life. How often do you really clean your vape device? Cleaning the mod is pretty simple. Just take some alcohol wipes and make a quick pass. How about the tank? This is where it gets a little trickier. My favorite method is to boil some water, dismantle my tank so that everything but the coil gets sanitized, and let it soak for at least half an hour before putting everything back together.

Notice how I said I cleaned everything but the coil. Since the coil is made of tightly wound cotton, wires, and springs, it’s not something I ever wanted to get wet. In the past few months, I discovered that there were certain vape cleaning methods that you could use to clean the coils: vodka, boiling water, or ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.  All of these methods seemed very time-consuming and required an extensive drying period. Even with all the cleaning, the coils don’t work that much longer, a few days at most. Since the cotton in the coil was either too clogged or too burned to ever work at its full potential, it seemed easier for most people to just toss it out and grab a new coil.

Make sure your vape coil is clean.

Getting back to the whole cleanliness issue of washing things before we use them… what about cleaning vape coils before we use them? If you check on the back of your vape coils and other vape hardware packaging, you’ll notice that most of them say “made in China.” Before COVID-19, this was a normal phrase to see, even something to laugh about. However, now that we’ve all embraced this mentality of cleanliness and making sure to prioritize our health, anything from out of the country immediately raises a red flag.

I read an article in the New York Times where the Chinese e-cigarette manufacturing industry got into trouble for not having proper quality control: “a review by The New York Times of manufacturing operations in Shenzhen found that many factories were legitimate and made efforts at quality control, but that some were lower-end operations that either had no safety testing equipment or specialized in counterfeiting established brands, often with cheaper parts.” This isn’t to scare you or throw shade on all of the vape manufacturers in China, but rather to open your eyes to what goes on in these manufacturing facilities.

So, let’s recap.

  • We’ve discovered that there are very few good ways to clean your vape tanks and coils.
  • There are several manufacturing locations in China that may (or may not) use proper quality control in the production of vape devices and equipment.
  • …And we’ve realized that there’s a need to clean coils BEFORE we use them, just as we do for kitchen, bedroom, and consumable products.

Now that we’ve discovered a problem, let’s consider some possible solutions. You can either soak your coils in vodka and hope it cleans them. You can spend a ton of money on expensive jewelry cleaners and get frustrated every time your supply runs low. Or you can continue to vape as normal, pretending you never saw this article and avoiding the issue altogether. Not that great, right?

ROBO2020 is the solution to clean your vape coils

Well, thankfully there’s been an invention that may very well change your vape life. It’s called Robo2020. This device advertises that it can clean coils used in sub-ohm tank devices, pod devices, and other AIO vape devices. The company actually recommends that you clean the coils BEFORE you use them. This allows the best flavor upon the first usage, reducing the break-in period to nothing, and ensuring you have peace of mind with a completely clean vape coil. I reached out to the company and successfully connected with one of the owners. They’ll be sending me one to review in a few weeks, so I’ll have a new article ready and waiting for you guys soon!

This device seems to solve a problem I never even thought about!

It’s definitely something I can see myself using and promoting to vapers everywhere. I’m very curious about the actual functionality of the device, whether or not it eliminates the break-in period, and if there’s any noticeable difference in flavor before as well as after the coil has been used. Check back in a few days to see if that review is up, but for now, happy vaping and I can’t wait to see you all next time!

Leah Johnson

Hey guys! My name is Leah and I'm a vape blogger from New York City! I currently live in Valley Stream, Long Island, but was raised in Astoria, Queens and Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. I have a deep love of vaping ever since I started in 2015. My favorite flavors are Passionfruit Raspberry Yuzu by Pachamama, Black Orange Crush by Dinner Lady's Summer Holidays, and Killer Kustard by Vapetasia. In my spare time, I love to read Stephen King novels....

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