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Coil Gunk: What’s That Black Stuff on Your Vape Coil?

Have you ever taken a moment to look at one of your vape coils when it’s finally time to pull it out of your tank and throw it away? You’ve probably noticed that the coil’s heating wire has turned dark – almost black – and that the wick around it has discolored as well. If you use a coil long enough, the discoloration can penetrate fully through the wick, becoming visible from the outside while the coil is still in your tank.

What is that gross stuff that builds up on your coils, and why is it that the flavor you get from a coil can go from delicious to disgusting in such a short time?

The answer: coil gunk. Coil gunk is the problem that plagues every modern vaper. It’s the reason why your coils die quickly, and it’s the reason why your e-liquid tastes like burnt sugar after you’ve used a new coil for more than a day or two.

Reading this article, you’re going to learn what coil gunk is and what you can do about it. First, though, we’d like to tell you how ROBO2020 can help.

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ROBO2020 Removes Coil Gunk in 30 Minutes

ROBO2020 is an automatic vape coil cleaner that removes the gunk from your coils and requires nothing but water. Using it is incredibly simple; all that you need to do is place your dirty coils in the device and add water. Start the cleaning cycle, and the ROBO2020 vape coil cleaner uses gentle heat and agitation to break down the coil gunk.

When the cleaning cycle is complete, discard the water and start the drying cycle. Taking only about 30 minutes from start to finish, ROBO2020 can have your coils clean, dry and ready to use in the time it takes to do the dishes and fix yourself a snack. With ROBO2020, coil gunk never has to ruin your vaping experience again.

See the ROBO2020 in action!

What Is Coil Gunk?

Coil gunk is the dark residue that forms on your coil as you vape. At first, it’s just a slight discoloration; the formerly white metal of your coil’s heating surface begins to turn brown. At this point, you’ll probably notice the “burnt sugar” flavor mentioned above. Your e-liquid suddenly tastes much sweeter than it used to, and the sweetness covers the e-liquid’s subtle flavor notes.

As you continue vaping, you’ll begin to notice something that feels like an exaggerated throat hit. You’ll start to notice a scratchy sensation in your throat, and you’ll feel it even if you’re using an e-liquid with a low nicotine strength.

Once the coil gunk gets to the point where you can start to see the discoloration through the wick openings on the outside of your coil, the layer of residue on your coil is so thick that e-liquid no longer flows through the coil’s wick as efficiently as it did when the coil was new. At that point, the throat irritation becomes so bothersome that it’s difficult to enjoy vaping at all.

We’re passionate about ROBO2020 because it can be a powerful tool to reduce waste in the vaping community. The metal and cotton are still good under all of that coil gunk, after all; it’s just a matter of removing the gunk, and our automatic vape coil cleaner does that. Ordinarily, though, you’d throw your coil away once it reaches this stage.

Is it a New Problem?

Coil gunk is not a new problem. Many types of e-liquids are prone to leaving residue on vape coils, such as vape juices that are high in vegetable glycerin, are dark in color or contain tobacco extracts. The ingredient that correlates most directly with coil gunk, though, is the popular sweetener sucralose. Sucralose has a very candy-like flavor, which makes it especially common in e-liquids with sweet flavor profiles.

The major problem with sucralose, though, is that it doesn’t convert fully to vapor when it’s heated. Instead, it caramelizes like sugar. The sticky residue stays on your coil, and it becomes thicker and thicker as you continue to vape.

People have dealt with coil gunk as long as vaping has existed. The difference these days is the fact that people use more powerful vaping equipment than ever, and that means they use more e-liquid than ever. The more e-liquid you use, the faster coil gunk will form. The process of coil degradation used to take a couple of weeks, and now it only takes a couple of days.

How Can I Prevent Gunk on my Vape Coils?

The fact that ROBO2020 removes coil gunk makes it a real game-changer for those who vape because it means that you no longer have to worry about the fact that your e-liquid choices are shortening the life of your coils. If you love the sweetest e-liquid flavors on the market, it’s not a problem; you can remove the gunk from your coils and keep right on using them.

If you don’t own the ROBO2020 automatic coil cleaner yet, though, you’ve probably found that vaping can get extremely expensive when your coils require constant replacement. In fact, you probably spend more on coils than you do on e-liquid – and if that’s the case, preventing coil gunk can go a long way toward reducing how much you spend on vaping.

  • Choose e-liquids that either contains no sweeteners or are only lightly sweetened. An e-liquid with a higher amount of sucralose will always ruin your coils more quickly than an unsweetened or lightly sweetened e-liquid.
  • Use an e-liquid with a lower percentage of vegetable glycerin. If everything else is the same, a higher-VG e-liquid will cause coil gunk to form more quickly than a higher-PG e-liquid will.
  • Try using an e-liquid that’s lightly flavored or even unflavored. Although sucralose is the top cause of coil gunk by far, many e-liquid flavorings will also leave some residue behind. If you use an e-liquid with a clear color and a very mild flavor, you’ll probably find that you can vape for many days between coil replacements.

Jason Artman

Jason Artman is the owner and author of eCig One. A full-time freelance writer for more than a decade, Jason’s clients have included corporations such as Intel and eBay. Jason’s online articles have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. After quitting smoking and switching to vaping in 2010, Jason turned his professional attention to the vaping industry and now works with some of the world’s largest vaping and CBD brands.

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