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How to Fix a Burnt Novo Pod

With the SMOK Novo series of pod vaping systems, the designers at SMOK have created a product that’s turned out to be a real success. For many people, the SMOK Novo series really hits a sweet spot by offering the simplicity of a small beginner-oriented pod system with the level of performance that you’d normally only get with a much larger and more complex vaping device.

The convenience of the SMOK Novo series, however, does come with a downside: Most Novo pods use permanent built-in coils, and that can make the devices somewhat expensive to use. If you have a burnt Novo pod and are using the SMOK Novo, Novo 2 or Novo X, you need to replace the entire pod just to get a new coil. The new SMOK Novo 4 uses removable coils, but that device adds an additional level of complexity that you may not want.

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So, how do you fix a burnt Novo pod? In this article, we’re going to explain why your SMOK Novo pods taste burnt. We’re also going to tell you how to make your Novo pods last longer and how to clean them so you can reuse them again and again.

First, though, what are the features that make the SMOK Novo so popular?

What’s Special About the SMOK Novo?

As we mentioned above, the greatest strength of the SMOK Novo series is that it combines the simplicity of a beginner-oriented pod system with the higher performance that you’d normally only get from a more powerful pod mod or vape pen. That’s because the original SMOK Novo along with the Novo 2 and Novo X all use pods with permanent built-in coils. When you’re no longer happy with the pod’s flavor, you’ll discard and replace the entire pod.

The SMOK Novo 4 also adds a replaceable coil system for those who like the design of the Novo but prefer a higher level of flexibility.

Because SMOK Novo devices offer much higher performance than smaller pod vaping systems, switching from a beginner-oriented device to a Novo means that you’ll have a much more satisfying experience with your existing e-liquid. Switching from a smaller device to a SMOK Novo may even mean that you’ll be able to start buying vaping juice with a lower nicotine strength.

The fact that the SMOK Novo is so powerful, though, is one reason why your Novo pods may taste burnt.

What’s the Problem with Burnt Novo Pods?

So, the SMOK Novo is a great vaping device. All vape coils eventually burn out, and the SMOK Novo is no different. Why, then, could burnt Novo pods potentially be a bigger problem than with other vaping devices?

The first reason why burnt Novo pods can be a problem is because you may find that your pods don’t last quite as long with the Novo as they do with a smaller and less powerful vaping device. That’s because a device’s vapor production has a lot to do with how quickly residue forms on the atomizer coil and eventually ruins the pod’s flavor. The greater your device’s vapor production is, the more e-liquid the device uses – and the more e-liquid you use, the more quickly coil gunk forms.

The other issue that can affect the cost of using the SMOK Novo, Novo 2 or Novo X is the fact that the atomizer coil is a permanent part of the pod. When you replace a vape pod, you’re really only replacing it because the coil is burnt out. There’s nothing wrong with the pod’s enclosure. If the coil is built in, though, you need to replace the entire pod to get a new coil. That’s expensive because Novo pods come in packs of two and cost about the same as what you’d typically pay for a pack of four or five coils for a traditional vape tank.

If you want to have the best possible experience with your SMOK Novo, you need to ensure that the pods will last as long as they can. Before you can do that, though, you need to know why your Novo pods are burning out.

Why Does My Novo Taste Burnt with a New Pod?

Let’s begin with an explanation of why your Novo tastes burnt with a new pod. There are few situations in vaping that are more annoying than getting a bad flavor with a brand-new coil because – as we’ve previously mentioned – Novo pods are expensive and only come two to a pack. You want them to last! Most likely, one of two things went wrong.

  • If you’re using a SMOK Novo, Novo 2 or Novo X, you didn’t wait long enough before vaping after filling the pod for the first time. A Novo pod uses a cotton wick for maximum flavor quality. One problem with cotton, though, is that it can burn if it’s dry. After filling a new pod for the first time, you need to wait several minutes to ensure that the wick is completely saturated before you begin vaping.
  • If you’re using a SMOK Novo 4, you’re not changing coils properly by priming them before you install them. When you install a new coil, you should put a little e-liquid on each of the coil’s wick openings to ensure that the cotton will be completely wet when you start vaping. Even if you do prime your new coils, it’s still wise to let the coils rest for a few minutes before you begin using them.

Why Does My Novo Taste Burnt After Using It for a While?

Although it’s definitely not normal for your SMOK Novo to taste burnt with a new pod, it’s not unusual at all for a Novo pod to develop a burnt taste after you’ve been using it for a while. What’s important is how long it tastes for the unpleasant flavor to develop. If you’ve been using a pod for a week or more, it’s normal to experience some changes in flavor. If you’ve only been using the pod for a day or so, though, here are some possible reasons why your pod has burned out so quickly.

  • You’re using sweetened e-liquid. An e-liquid with a high concentration of sucralose will cause residue to form on a coil very quickly.
  • You’re chain vaping without giving your Novo a chance to cool down. Excess heat from constant vaping can burn the coil’s wick, altering the flavor permanently.
  • You’re trying to vape until the pod is completely empty. The coil in the Novo pod can’t refresh itself efficiently unless the e-liquid completely covers the wick openings. Refill the pod when it’s more than half empty.

How to Clean a SMOK Novo, Novo 2 or Novo X Pod

The easiest way to clean a SMOK Novo, Novo 2 or Novo X pod is with the ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner. Start by filling the reservoir with water. Open the Novo pod and place it in the water. Hold the pod down until it fills with water. Close ROBO2020 and turn it on. In about 15 minutes, your Novo pods will be clean. Empty the reservoir and turn ROBO2020 to the “Dry” setting. In another 15 minutes, your pods are ready to use. It’s also possible to clean your Novo pods manually, although it requires significantly more effort. Learn more about how to clean vape pods.

How to Clean the SMOK Novo 4 Pod and Coil

One of the drawbacks of a pod system with non-removable coils like the SMOK Novo, Novo 2 and Novo X is that the pods aren’t easy to clean. It’s difficult to remove the coil gunk because the pod’s small filling hole doesn’t allow for much water circulation.

With the new SMOK Novo 4 and its removable coils, cleaning is significantly easier. You can clean the Novo 4 pod with ROBO2020 using the same method described above. Simply remove the coil from the pod and open the pod’s filling hole. Place both items in the ROBO2020 reservoir and begin the cleaning cycle. In about 30 minutes, both items will be clean, dry and ready to use.

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