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How Long Does a Vape Pod Last?

Since their introduction a few years ago, pod systems have been unbelievably popular with the members of the vaping community. People love their sleek, simple designs, and the manufacturers have responded to the demand by producing a huge variety of pod systems with different looks and feature sets.

The one thing that pod systems sometimes aren’t, though, is cheap to use. That’s especially the case with pod systems that have built-in rather than replaceable coils. If you have to discard a vape pod every couple of days because the coil burns out, your costs can start to escalate quickly because vape pods are usually sold in packs of two and cost about the same as a full box of replacement coils for a traditional vape tank.

So, how long does a vape pod last? If you use a pod system, are you spending more on vaping than you need to? In this article, we’ll explore the answers to those questions.

What Are Pod Vaping Systems, and Why Are They So Popular?

A pod system is a vaping device in which the e-liquid delivery system is a removable plastic pod containing both the device’s e-liquid reservoir and its atomizer coil. While a traditional vaping device stores its e-liquid in a glass tank that connects to threading at the top of the device, removing a pod from a pod system simply requires pulling the old pod out and pushing a new pod in.

One of the biggest reasons why pod systems are so popular is because they’re designed to be perfect for new vapers. They’re small and sleek. They’re very easy to use and usually require very little setup; all that you need to do is charge the battery, fill the pod and vape. Most importantly for new vapers, pod systems are optimized to use high-strength e-liquid that delivers nicotine almost as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette.

Another feature of pod systems is the fact that vape pods are much cheaper than vape tanks. It’s easy to have several pods pre-filled with different e-liquid flavors, allowing you to switch between flavors easily simply by swapping pods. That’s very difficult to do with traditional vape tanks because it’s cost-prohibitive to own several tanks.

How Long Does a Vape Pod Last?

So, how long do vape pods last? The answer, as you can probably imagine, is that the longevity of a vape pod varies depending on how you use your device and the type of e-liquid that you use. You can always expect to refill a vape pod several times before you’ll need to replace it, but you may find that your pods will degrade quickly in flavor quality if you use heavily sweetened e-liquid. In that case, you’ll probably find that your vape pods last about 2-3 days each, depending on your level of sensitivity to the flavor of coil gunk.

If you use unsweetened e-liquid with a simple flavor profile, on the other hand – a plain menthol e-liquid, for instance – it’s entirely possible to get multiple weeks of life out of a vape pod before the flavor quality really begins to suffer.

Why Do Vape Pods Burn Out So Quickly?

There’s a good chance that you read the information above and were surprised because you’ve never gotten anywhere near even a single week of life out of your vape pods. Maybe you didn’t even know that it was possible for a vape pod to last more than a couple of days. Why do vape pods sometimes burn out so quickly? Most importantly, is it possible for vape pods to last longer? We believe that you’ll find these four tips very helpful.

  • In the previous section of this article, we already alluded to the biggest factor that causes vape pods to burn out quickly: sweetened e-liquid. Many of the most popular e-liquids on the market today are heavily sweetened with sucralose. As you can probably imagine, the reason why those e-liquids are so popular is because people love sweet flavors. The problem with sucralose as an e-liquid flavoring, though, is that it causes coil gunk because it doesn’t vaporize fully when it’s heated. Instead of turning to vapor, most of the sucralose in your vape juice simply condenses and sticks to your coil. Eventually, it creates a dark, sticky residue that alters the coil’s flavor.
  • A new vape pod can burn out almost instantly if you begin using it immediately after filling it. It’s important to let the pod rest for several minutes to allow sufficient time for full wick saturation. If you try to vape when your pod’s wick is still partially dry, the wick can burn.
  • You should avoid “chain vaping” and should always give the pod’s wick several seconds to replenish itself between puffs. Chain vaping causes the pod’s coil to become very hot, and the excess heat can burn the wick.
  • You can also burn your pod’s wick if you inadvertently forget to refill the pod. The wick will always work most efficiently if the pod is full or nearly full. When the remaining e-liquid in the pod starts to get low, it’s time to refill the pod.

Can You Clean a Vape Pod?

It’s probably no secret to you that a huge percentage of the world’s most popular e-liquids are heavily sweetened. Everyone loves sweet flavors, and vaping gives you an opportunity to satisfy your nicotine cravings and indulge your sweet tooth at the same time. Until now, maybe you’ve simply put up with poor vape pod life because you don’t want to stop using the sweetened e-liquids you love.

There is a better way. It is actually possible to clean a vape pod and remove the residue from the coil, allowing you to use the same pod many times before you finally need to discard it. In fact, that’s exactly why the ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner exists. With ROBO2020, cleaning your used vape pods is a breeze.

Simply put your pods into the device’s reservoir, add water and turn ROBO2020 on. Gentle agitation allows the water to penetrate and dissolve the residue, revealing the coil’s original clean metal surface. ROBO2020 can clean your vape pods even if they have built-in coils. Simply open the pod and drop it in. Hold the pod under the water until the reservoir is filled, and then turn ROBO2020 on.

With ROBO2020, you can clean and reuse your vape pods several times before eventually discarding them. You’ll enjoy the best possible flavor every time you vape, and you’ll save a huge amount of money on replacement pods. Buy ROBO2020 now!

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