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How to Clean a SMOK Coil

If you use any sub-ohm vape tank, there’s an excellent chance that SMOK is the tank’s manufacturer. SMOK is the most popular manufacturer in the vaping industry and is also one of the oldest. The company has enjoyed great success over the years as a result of top-notch marketing, a great sense of style and always making the correct predictions about how the preferences of the vaping community will change in the future. SMOK invented the modern cloud-chasing vape coil, and the company was also one of the first to jump on the bandwagon when it became obvious that mesh coils were the future of vaping.

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When you bought your vape mod, it probably included a SMOK tank – and SMOK tanks are so popular that you’re probably using one even if your preferred mod is one made by a different company. Either way, cleaning SMOK coils is going to be a major part of your vaping routine if you want to make vaping as affordable for you as it can possibly be. Reading this article, we’re going to teach you how to clean SMOK coils. We’ll show you how to do it the easy way with the ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner, and we’ll also explain how to clean coils the manual way.

First, though, let’s learn a bit more about why SMOK coils are as popular as they are.

Why Are SMOK Coils So Popular?

SMOK has been one of the leading manufacturers in the vaping industry for just about as long as the industry has existed, and they’ve remained successful because they’re always in tune with the needs and desires of the vaping community. When people began to demand product bundles including both vape mods and tanks, SMOK provided them – and when people asked for more colorful vaping devices, SMOK responded by providing devices in more colors than any other manufacturer. Combine the industry’s best product selection with the best marketing, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

In particular, there’s a good reason why SMOK vape coils are as popular as they are – and it’s not just the performance and flavor of the coils, although those features definitely contribute. The other reason why SMOK coils are so popular is because SMOK offers some of the best-supported vape tanks on the market. SMOK continues to produce coils for their tanks for years after releasing those tanks – and when a new vape coil technology emerges, you don’t have to worry about buying an entirely new tank if you’re a SMOK user. When mesh coils appeared on the market, SMOK didn’t force their users to buy new tanks. Instead, they began producing mesh coils for their existing tanks. Decisions like those generate a great deal of customer loyalty and goodwill.

The Challenges of Cleaning SMOK Coils

So, what is it that makes SMOK coils so difficult to clean? If you’ve been vaping for a while, there’s a good chance that cleaning your coils is already a part of your routine. In the past, though, vape coils were much easier to clean than they are today – and that’s particularly true of cleaning SMOK coils. So, why are SMOK coils so challenging to clean?

One look at a modern SMOK coil tells you everything you need to know about why the manual coil cleaning method doesn’t work as well with today’s SMOK coils as it did with the vape coils of the past. If you use a SMOK coil today, it’s likely that it has multiple wire or mesh heating surfaces. To accommodate all of that extra metal, the coil needs to have a wide body – and a coil with a wide body needs plenty of wicking material. With all of that extra cotton, it’s difficult for water to penetrate through to the middle of a coil and remove the gunk. If you clean your coils, you’ll only get that “new coil” flavor if the residue is completely removed. That’s become increasingly difficult to do with manual coil cleaning methods.

The ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner is the answer.

How to Clean SMOK Coils the Easy Way

The reason why ROBO2020 is a more effective way to clean SMOK coils is because it uses heat and agitation to power through to the center of wide vape coils and remove coil gunk. Using ROBO2020 to clean SMOK vape coils requires no cleaning solution and relies only on the power of water.

Using ROBO2020 to clean your SMOK coils is a simple four-step process.

  1. Place your dirty coils inside the cleaner and add water.
  2. Turn ROBO2020 on and press the “Clean” button. ROBO2020 heats and agitates the water to remove the e-liquid residue from your SMOK coils.
  3. Empty the water when the cleaning cycle is complete.
  4. Press the “Dry” button. ROBO2020 uses gentle heat to evaporate any residual water, leaving your SMOK coils clean, dry and ready to use.

ROBO2020 is the only fully automatic vape coil cleaner and dryer on the market. It’s also the only way to eliminate the lengthy drying period that always accompanies manual coil cleaning.

How to Clean SMOK Coils the Manual Way

If you’re new to vaping and don’t own ROBO2020 yet, you might like to try cleaning your SMOK coils manually before investing in our automatic coil cleaner. Manual coil cleaning isn’t difficult, but it is a very time-consuming process. Another shortcoming is that, as we mentioned above, it’s difficult to clean SMOK coils manually because the water may have trouble penetrating through to the center of a wide coil without manual assistance. If you’d like to try cleaning your coils anyway, here’s how to do it.

  1. Fill a bowl with very hot water and add your dirty SMOK coils.
  2. Stir the water periodically to provide agitation.
  3. When the water is cool, pour it out and replace it with hot water. After some stirring, you should notice that the water has changed color slightly or that dark flecks are floating in it. That’s a good sign; it means that the water is removing the residue from the coils.
  4. Examine the coils after you’ve changed the water a few times and no longer see any discoloration or flecks in the water. At this point, you should also look at the coils’ heating surfaces. If they still look dark, you should probably replace the water a few more times. If the heating surfaces look clean, you’re ready to dry the coils.
  5. Leave the coils out overnight in an area with good air circulation. Before you resume using the coils, you want to make sure the coils’ wicks are completely dry.

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