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ROBO2020 Vape Coil Cleaning & Drying Machine


5.0 (8 reviews)

The ROBO2020 cleans vape coils for sub-ohm tank devices, pod devices AIO vape kits. The ROBO2020 vape cleaning system uses just warm water to clean your coils. You will have clean AND dry coils in about 30 minutes.

Included: ROBO2020, Power Supply & Instructions for Use
Warranty: 1 Year
Shipping: Continental US & International

Start saving money and maximizing your vape flavor today!

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8 reviews for ROBO2020 Vape Coil Cleaning & Drying Machine

  1. sara

    Such a cool product! Saves me so much money on coils.

  2. Mary

    I love how quick Robo2020 cleans and dries a coil in less than an hour, its a major time saver, money saver and great taste every time. Plus it’s really cute!

  3. Leah J.

    I was skeptical using this product until I actually got it. It really does work! The device is small enough to be on a desk, works super fast (less than an hour), and I loved that my coil was actually clean and dry and ready to go! Just make sure to prime it like it’s a new coil before you use it! Absolutely love the Robo2020. Definitely what the vape world needed! Wish I had found it sooner!

  4. Steve D

    I love it. It does exactly what it’s supposed to. My coils come out almost like new and the fresh new coil taste is definitely there. Great invention and I hope you sell a lot. Thank you and much success!

  5. Jason

    I love the results that I get from cleaning my coils, but I hate the amount of time it takes to do it the old-fashioned way. ROBO2020 saves me so much time — and who knew that pre-cleaning a new coil could make it taste even better?

  6. Jonathan Horn

    The device is working well. It dose what It’s supposed to and I have enjoyed using it.

  7. Dan Vasil

    I have been using the ROBO2020 for about 2 weeks now and LOVE IT! It does a hell of a job cleaning my coils, it’s small but mighty! You guys did a heck of a job designing it. Definitely a must have and a money saver too!

  8. Peter Riehlman

    Cleans mine to almost new and drys them very easily and quick.. Great, when changing flavors. Also great for new coils to clean any possible nasty stuff from the manufacturing process.

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