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Why Do I Vape?

So picture the scene. I’m lying on the bed, getting an echocardiogram, when I notice the strained, nervous look on the technician’s face and I start thinking, “Wow, she doesn’t have a very good poker face. I should invite her to our weekly POKER GAME”.  In reality, she was looking at me thinking, “How does such a youthful gentleman have the heart of a ninety-year-old man?” Okay, so I’m middle-aged and I’ve taken some liberty with her thoughts, but the reality was that I had a heart the size of a rotten cantaloupe and the only poker I was going to be playing was in the emergency room with my life. People had told me in the past that I had a big heart.  Unfortunately, this time it was coming from my cardiologist.



  • 1 bottle of BOOZE
  • Combine in your body every day for twenty years and wallah there you go. A BIG FAT HEART.

Easy peasy.

I can joke about it now but at the time it was a life or death situation. I couldn’t quit smoking cigarettes. Sound familiar? Even after a life-threatening illness was about to strip everything away I would still light up. My family, my friends, everything was on the line. Yet I couldn’t quit.  My excessive lifestyle had compromised my heart. I had the heart of an eighty-year-old man. My cardiologist told me I had to quit cigarettes. I tried cold turkey, the patch, and pharmaceuticals. None of those worked for me. Quitting smoking turned out to be one of the hardest things I would ever do. It took me two years to quit the cigarettes and I did it with vaping.

One day, after a scary doctor’s visit, I went and bought my first gas-station disposable e-cig. I never looked back. The switch made a miraculous change to my heart. It just kept getting better and better. I now have a healthy, normal heart and  I’ve been given another chance to enjoy everything that life has to offer.


Here are a couple of methods that pop up on Google:

ETERNITY METHOD or what is called the soak and rinse method.

This is when you place your dirty, gunked up, coil head into a bowl of booze for an eternity and take it out, rinse it, and let it dry for another eternity.


Hold your dirty vape coil under a HOT running faucet with fingers. Remove the sub-ohm coil from under the faucet and once again let vape coil dry for an eternity.

Although these methods do work, I thought there had to be a more convenient, time-saving way to clean vape coils.


That’s the question I asked my two sisters. After explaining the problem to them, they realized there was a real need to simplify the process of cleaning a dirty vape coil and quickly jumped on board. We put together a kick-ass top-notch team, invited more family members to join us, and went to work. After two years of development, our team is proud to bring ROBO2020 to production. We designed it to be easier, faster, and more convenient than the methods previously used.


Introducing the ROBO2020

The ROBO2020 will clean and dry your coils in 30 minutes. It can be used on all coils regardless of brand or type. Not only will the ROBO2020 clean your new and dirty vape coils, but it is also great for cleaning RDA decks and coils, mouthpieces, and tanks. It also is great for cleaning coils when changing flavors and will clean coils used in sub-ohm tank devices, pod devices, and AIO vape kits.

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