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Why You Should Clean Your Vape Coils Between E-Juice Changes

Cleaning vape coils is a difficult topic to cover in the vaping industry, particularly because the only known methods are time-consuming and aren’t a long term solution. There are certain articles that outline different methods on how to clean a coil that is near the end of its useful life. Vodka, plain soap and water, and harsh jewelry cleaners are the most popular methods, and some users claim to have great success. Unfortunately, these methods are extremely time consuming and can only offer an extra few days before the coil truly does need to be changed. Then you’re right back where you started from!

In our last article, we mentioned why a vape coil should be properly cleaned before using it for the first time. Just like silverware and clothing, a brand new coil should be sanitized before use for optimal performance. Especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, these days you can’t be too clean. But cleaning the coil before first-time use shouldn’t be the only time you clean it. Daily vapers who love those delicious plumes of vapor are all too familiar with a coil that no longer fires like it did right out of the box. And once your coil goes bad, it’s only a matter of time before you need a new one. Let’s go over some reasons why coils may stop working properly.


  1. You Received a Dud!
    The first reason your coil might not be working properly is that you received a dud. You might think that coils are good to go right out of the box. Experienced vapers will be quick to tell you that’s not always the case. The coil may not have been constructed properly (also known as a faulty/DOA coil). You can try to reach out to the coil manufacturer or returning to the point of purchase in hopes of getting a refund. Keep in mind, they may want that DOA coil as proof, so if you return the pack, definitely keep the defective coil with the pack. I usually just take a different coil from the pack and shrug it off, as this has only happened to me once or twice in my 5-6 years of vaping.
  2. Burnt Cotton In The Coil Head
    Another reason the coil goes bad is the cotton may have gotten burnt. Chain-vaping and over-use are the common culprit, which unfortunately there’s saving. Chain-vaping is when you take rapid hits from your vape device without letting the cotton cool down. Over-use is when you know the coil is getting clogged, but you continue to use it for various reasons: you’re not ready to change the coil yet, you don’t have another one on hand, or you don’t think the flavor is bad enough to warrant a new coil change.
  3. Built-Up Coil Gunk (Salvageable!)
    Lastly, the coil may have built up gunk from thick e-liquid flavors and caramelized e-liquid.  Thick e-liquids are often of the dessert variety, and many heavy flavors like custard, cream, and cakes are very syrupy and sludgy. These flavors actually require a large amount of sweeteners. Many flavors that have sugar in the e-liquid can cause the e-liquid to caramelize over time, thus causing the e-liquid to turn brown. Brown thick e-juice can clog the coil, and if left like that, it will eventually burn the coil’s cotton since no juice can pass through the cotton.  This scenario is actually salvageable, thanks to something called the ROBO2020. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at why coils get gunked up to begin with.

Why do you have Coil Gunk?

Coil Gunk Reason #1: Thick Vape Juice

The most common reason that coils get gunked up and clogged is due to thick vape juice. E-liquid companies like Vape Breakfast Classics, One Hit Wonder, and other dessert-flavored vape juices used to have a much thicker consistency and darker color e-liquid. The e-liquids were notorious for being delicious but had thick and syrupy consistencies. Constant long-term use of these flavors would clog the coils after the e-juice darkened and caramelized. Once clogged, the ejuice wouldn’t be able to pass through the cotton and the cotton would burn. Sometimes the burnt cotton would break off (small blackened pieces) into the e-liquid, forcing you to change the coil and rinse your tank. (I can’t tell you how many of my favorite e-liquid flavors were left on the shelf because of this). Thankfully, these brands are much thinner and lighter, albeit still possessing many sweetening agents that could cause the e-liquid to turn brown as the sugar in the e-liquid caramelizes due to heat in the tank. I happen to love many flavors from these brands, so I wouldn’t write them off entirely. A simple way to ensure you get a long-lasting coil when you use these e-liquid flavors is to clean your vape coils regularly when using these e-liquids.

Coil Gunk Reason #2: Frequent e-Liquid Flavor Changes

Another reason the coil would get clogged up would be the frequent changing of e-liquid flavors. I’m guilty of doing this, as I’m incredibly indecisive with what flavor to puff on. Try as I might, I can usually only go a day (two days max) before wanting to change my e-liquid to another flavor. This has often killed my coils more frequently than I’m willing to admit, but I keep doing it because the allure of a new flavor is too tempting for me. I pay the price of a new coil pack without even thinking about, but I do wish there was a better solution. And thanks to this new discovery I made a few weeks ago, there just might be.


The ROBO2020 is a device that actually washes AND dries your vape coils. Not only can you use this device to clean your coils before you use them, you can also use it to clean your vape coils between e-juice changes. Consistent cleaning of your coil throughout its useful life can actually prolong the coil’s longevity. Instead of gunk building up on the coil over repeated use, now you can actually clean the coil and allow the e-liquid to flow smoothly through it.

You can also do this for a flavor you’re not particularly fond of. I’ve tried several e-liquids that I couldn’t stand to take more than a few puffs (namely tobacco and papaya e-juices) before I rinsed my tank and added a new flavor. However, the offensive e-liquid would still be trapped in the cotton’s coil, forcing me to suffer until the new flavor took over.  Using the ROBO2020 effectively eliminates this suffering period and will allow me to enjoy the new e-liquid without so much as giving the old flavor a second thought.


I’ll be reviewing the ROBO2020 device as soon as I get my device, and I have several questions that I’d like answered right off the bat:

  • Is there an aftertaste when the coil is freshly cleaned?
  • Is there a limit to how often you can clean the coil?
  • Will the cleaning cause any damage to the coil over an extended time?
  • Is there any maintenance that needs to be done to the actual device to keep it in good condition?
  • What’s the average lifespan on a ROBO2020?

All of these questions and more will be answered when I upload my review. If you have any other questions about the ROBO2020 device, make sure to send us an email letting us know these questions so I can address them in my review! Until then, browse through our website, check out some of the other blog posts, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns about our awesome ROBO2020 device!

Leah Johnson

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